3 Things That Cause Stained or Discolored Teeth and How We Can Help

Having to deal with discolored teeth can be extremely frustrating. If you’re currently struggling with this problem, Dr. Manuel Stefan, an experienced prosthodontist in Orlando, is here to help!

Have you noticed that your teeth don’t seem to be as pearly white as they once were? Discolored enamel is a very common complaint among dental patients. Although enamel is extremely durable, it is also prone to becoming stained or discolored for a myriad of reasons. Thankfully, experienced dentists and prosthodontists can help to restore luster to your smile! Here are a few common reasons that teeth become discolored or stained.

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Foods and Drinks

Did you know that even common, everyday foods can stain your teeth? Wine and coffee are two regular culprits, but you might be surprised to learn that even foods like apples and potatoes can lead to discoloration! Depending on your diet, food and drink may be why your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be. In many cases, Dr. Manuel Stefan can utilize whitening procedures to help remove some of the staining from food, and can recommend procedures to help minimize future discoloration.


Both smoking and chewing tobacco can stain your teeth. The nicotine and tar in tobacco are both yellowing agents, and after years of smoking some smokers notice that their teeth have turned brown! If you’re a current or former smoker suffering from tobacco-related discoloration, Dr. Stefan can help you address the problem with a range of solutions from whitening to veneers.

Poor Dental Hygiene

When Dr. Stefan asks you how often you brush or floss, will you answer him honestly? We won’t tell! Not staying on top of dental hygiene is another common reason teeth can become discolored. In addition to causing serious problems like tooth decay and gum disease, plaque can build up on teeth that aren’t regularly brushed and flossed, leading to yellowing. Dr. Stefan employs a range of techniques to whiten teeth that are yellowed due to plaque buildup, and take preventative measure to guard against future staining.

If you’re located in central Florida and are struggling with discolored teeth, Dr. Stefan is an experienced prosthodontist in Orlando who can help to give your smile a makeover. Reach out today to set up appointment and get started on brightening your smile!