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Are you looking for a dentist who can fill your child’s cavities, repair your cracked tooth, and put in a dental implant or bridge, all in one location in the Lee Vista area? Look no further than Dr. Manuel Stefan Dental Care, the premier dentist in Lee Vista, offering a one stop shop for your family’s dental needs, both medical and cosmetic.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Have your teeth lost their luster? Did you crack a tooth? Is that old chip in your tooth that never got properly fixed still bothering you? Dr. Stefan offers a variety of procedures to enhance your smile. It can be as minor as a simple whitening or as major as a complete mouth rehabilitation; Dr. Stefan utilizes the best technology to restore the dazzle to your smile. In order to perform these smile makeovers, Dr. Stefan utilizes advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures that leave you with your own natural smile but improved.

Prosthodontics: Dental Implants, Dentures & More


Dr. Stefan is the premier prosthodontist in Lee Vista; he offers dental implants as well as full or partial dentures, bridges, crowns, and veneers. If your tooth needs a repair, a crown or a porcelain laminate veneer may be enough to do the job. In other cases, a full or partial set of dentures or even one or two implants will leave you with a full smile and healthy gums. It’s important to fill the gaps in your teeth for more than just cosmetic reasons; gaps in your teeth can cause your remaining teeth to move around or affect the way you bite and chew. When the teeth move around, they can create more spaces for tartar to build up which can cause more decay and foster disease. Filling these gaps not only keeps your teeth straight, but also keeps your teeth healthy.

Dentist for the Whole Family

Dr. Stefan may specialize in smile makeovers and implant dentistry, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t excel at providing dental care for the whole family too. Indeed, Dr. Stefan’s decades of experience make him the ideal dentist for helping set your kids up for a lifetime of good oral health. Early dental practices are integral to lifelong dental health, which is why Dr. Stefan sees children as young as three for routine cleanings and cavity fillings. By establishing these habits early, you can help your children avoid such problems as gum disease and cavities.

Whatever your dental needs are, Dr. Stefan and his exceptional team can meet and exceed all your expectations. From minor procedures like filling cavities to major dental implant surgeries, Dr. Stefan’s decades of experience keep you in good hands.

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