Three Services Offered at Manuel Stefan Dental Care You Don’t Want to Miss!

When you want to get dental care for yourself and your family from highly experienced professionals who are very skilled at everything they do, you can’t miss the dental services available at Manuel Stefan Dental Care. When you visit us for a treatment, we’ll do our best to help you feel comfortable while you get the care you need to have a great smile. We offer a variety of services that can help improve your quality of life.

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Dental Implants

Losing one or more teeth doesn’t have to mean the end of having a great smile. Dental implants are an effective tool for restoring the aesthetic and functional qualities of your smile, and they’re a lot more common than you might think. Our specialists are ready to help you take advantage of treatment types with implants. Endosteal implants will support and replace the natural tooth or dental bridge.

Dental Bridge Services

In some cases, dental bridges might be the preferred method for dealing with missing teeth. Bridges are created with two or more crowns surrounding the tooth or teeth with false teeth, called pontics, in between. We have years of experience creating dental bridges using our precision techniques. If you’re not sure that a bridge is right for you, our warm and friendly staff will educate you about your options as much as possible. We have years of experience offering this type of dental service.

Smile Makeovers

Whether you have a child who has damaged their teeth in a sports injury or if you want to improve your own smile into your senior years, our professionals are very skilled at techniques that can makeover your smile. We have the ability to close gaps between teeth, repair chips and breaks, whiten stains and discoloration, and even replace missing teeth. Unlike general dentists who try to handle every type of dental treatment, we specialize in creating stunning smiles for our patients.

Family dentistry that families can trust for their prosthodontic needs is the primary goal of Manuel Stefan Dental Care. We’re ready to deliver personalized dental care to patients three years old and up who you want to have a healthy smile. With the right preventative care from highly skilled specialists, you can improve the oral and overall health of your family. We provide a welcoming environment for everyone from small children to the elderly.

We know that the patients who come to our practice for a dental bridge or other types of dental care have a wide range of unique needs and expectations, so we’re focused on delivering personalized care that’s tailored to your situation. We offer a warm and friendly touch that you won’t find from the larger corporate practices in the area. Contact us to learn more.

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