8 Types of Dentures and How to Find the Best Fit for You

Did you know there are at least eight different types of denture products? It’s true! Most people think there is only one kind of dentures. In fact, there are many kinds made from a wide range of materials. Which one is right for you? There are various things to consider when deciding on the type of dentures that are best for you.


Types of Dentures

First, here’s a review of some of the different kinds of dentures. The eight general types are: traditional/full, partial, custom, immediate, snap-in, overdentures, upper, and economy. So, what are the differences?

  • Traditional/Full A full set replaces an entire upper or lower set of teeth. While dental bridges are anchored, or fixed, to existing teeth, traditional dentures replace all of the teeth and sit on top of the gums.
  • Partial A partial set is affixed to existing teeth, and it is removable so you can take it out as you like. A partial set helps keep other teeth from moving and prevents future dental problems.
  • Custom These dentures are made specifically to suit your smile, mouth, and preferences. They are more expensive, but they result in a more natural-looking smile.
  • Immediate Most of the time, you have to wait 8 to 12 weeks after tooth extraction before denture implants can be placed. Immediate dentures are placed immediately after tooth extraction.
  • Snap-in These convenient dentures snap into place using the aid of existing teeth and dental structures.
  • Overdentures Overdentures are another type of denture product that sits on top of the gums and is removable. This type also uses the support of existing teeth.
  • Upper These dentures are created just for the upper set of teeth.
  • Economy While these are the most affordable option, they have a loose fit, aren’t customized for your mouth, slip easily, look unnatural, and are usually a last resort.

What Type Is Best for You?

Now that you know about the types of denture products available to you, you might be wondering what type is best for you. While the only way to ensure you are making the right choice is to talk to a dentist who specializes in denture procedures and make a decision together, here are some things you might want to consider.


Sometimes, patients are limited by finances. Some dentures don’t fit everyone’s budget, so it’s best to talk to one of our specialists to find out which type is best for you and your wallet.


Some denture types are easily removable, while others are permanent. Also, various denture types are made from a variety of materials. Some of these materials are more comfortable than others, and some people are allergic to certain kinds of metal. Make sure you know what you can handle and what feels most comfortable to you before making a decision.

Dental Requirements

This decision can only be made between you and a dentist who specializes in denture care, but your dental requirements may set limitations on what you can have. For instance, partial and overdenture options wouldn’t be practical if you are required to have all of your teeth removed.

Make sure you consult with a denture expert who has years of experience, is a specialist in denture implants and care, is highly skilled, and can offer personalized care. Only a highly qualified denture expert can help you decide which type of denture product is right for you. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can receive dentures that are the best fit for you, contact a specialist at Stefan Dental today and be on your way to a beautiful smile!

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  1. Thanks for the information on dentures. I am missing some teeth, so I am trying to look into my options for replacing them. I like what you said about partial dentures being removable so you can take it out whenever you want. That would make it much easier to clean them and eat. It seems like a great option for me, I will have to give it some more thought!

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